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General Questions

What are the benefits included in the BDAE membership?

As a member of BDAE e.V. you have the following exclusive benefits:

  • Detailed information about living in your designated country and advice on social security issues
  • Web-access to further information regarding your designated country
  • Assistance services by ALLIANZ GLOBAL ASSISTANCE Service Deutschland

What happens to my annuity insurance/nursing insurance when I go abroad?

Depending on the country you are going to and the duration of your stay losing some years of contributions might be the consequence. This could also result in the loss of having no right to benefits after returning home. Therefore we recommend that you seek advice before you leave the country – possibly from our foreign advisory service.

What means entitlement Entitlement?

This is relevant is situations where a person holding a health insurance policy moves abroad for work or studies. During the period of stay abroad, the policy is effectively put on hold, and no benefits can be claimed under it. However, upon the Insured person’s return to Germany it can be re-activated. This is what ‚entitlement‘ guarantees.

The difference between a „Kleine Anwartschaft“ („small dormant solution“) and a „Große Anwartschaft“ („big dormant solution") are old age provision which are build up during a big dormant solution. Thereby your original entry age remain the same after reactivating your old contract. Metaphorically your health status and original entry aged will be frozen with the beginning of your entitlement.


What is a deductible?

A deductible is the portion of the claimed costs which is borne by the Insured member-this can either be on an annual accumulated basis or on a per claim basis. Only the amount exceeding the deductible will be paid by the Insurer. As a result, products with a higher deductible still have lower premiums.

What is a tariff?

This term is a synonym for insurance product. Almost all BDAE tariffs start with EXPAT. The following name (e.g. FLEXIBLE or PRIVATE) then defines the certain tariff or product. Hence, if we ask you for your tariff, we mean the name of your insurance product.

Questions on Claims Handling

When is a release from duty of confidentiality needed?

It might become necessary to ask a former insurer or doctor for more information on a certain claim or application. To allow them to pass this information to us, your consent is needed.

What is the definition of pre-existing conditions?

All medical conditions (diseases, chronic diseases etc.) which existed before the inception date of the policy are considered to be pre-existing conditions. This also includes an existing need for medical treatment, follow-up treatment and related drugs and medical aids.

Which hospitals would you recommend?

For more questions, please contact our assistance service provider ALLIANZ GLOBAL ASSISTANCE Service Deutschland.

Do I have free choice of medical practitioner?

Yes, anywhere in the world you can choose your medical practitioner freely.

Which treatments are covered and what do I have to be aware of while being pregnant?

The following treatments are covered depending on your product:

•    Pregnancy examinations, ultrasound testing, delivery
•    If medically necessary: midwife services during pregnancy,
•    14 midwife consultation during and after delivery (adopting the principles of the statutory health system of Germany)

Please send us a copy of the expectant mother’s records of prenatal and natal care or something comparable after you come to know about your pregnancy.

Are rehabilitation treatments covered?


What will happen if I exceed the time of cover during vacations in my country of origin?

All accruing medical costs will not be refunded by us.

Do the products offer cover for stays of my country of origin?

Yes, all our health insurance products include cover for stays in your country of origin. But this cover is limited to a certain number of days, please see the details in the terms and conditions of your product.

When is evacuation an option?

Evacuation to the country of origin will be considered if there is a medical necessity and an appropriate medical treatment is not possible in the country of residence.

For further questions please contact our assistance service provider ALLIANZ GLOBAL ASSISTANCE Service Deutschland.

What information must be provided to receive refund for my medical bills?

To allow a fast handling of your claims it is important that all original bills, receipts and documents related to your condition are submitted.

You will find further information on the claims reimbursement form of your product. These can be downloaded here.

In which language should the bills be in?

We would request you to submit your bills either in German or English - where possible.

Time-Limit: Within which time bills must be claimed?.

Bills must be submitted within three years from the date of the claim – irrespective of whether you are insured with us at the time of submission. The time limit starts with the end of the year of the date of the claim.

But of course we would prefer submission of claims to be sooner as processing them is more difficult after a longer period of time.

May I submit my bills via email or fax?

We need the original bills to handle your claim. A pre-check via e-mail or fax is currently not possible.

What happens if the original bills get lost?

Please contact our claim handling teams if such a situation arises.

What do I have to be aware of with dental treatment?

Dental bills have to be broken down by the cost of each single treatment for each treated tooth.

The majority of our products cover simple dental fillings (amalgam fillings). If you want to have composite fillings instead, you are free to obtain them but we will only refund the price of an amalgam filling. To take the country specific costs for simple fillings in account please ask your dentist to confirm these costs and submit that confirmation with your bill.

Annual check-ups are covered but no preventive treatments (dental clearance, deep cleaning or the like).

For details and certain conditions relating to your products, please check the terms and conditions of your products.

How are the procedures for coverage of dental prosthesis?

You will need to obtain a cost plan for the treatment from your dentist and send it to us. We will then confirm the amount covered in writing. Please be aware that waiting periods and coverage limitations relating to your product will be applicable.

Questions on contracts and applications

Do I have to make a medical examination beforehand?

A health certificate or evidence of a German previous insurance must be submitted with the application for an EXPAT GERMANY cover, if you have been resident in Germany for longer than 31 days. The health certificate must not have been issued more than 14 days before the date of application. Information on the health declaration as well as the additional declaration must be submitted with the application for EXPAT RETIRED cover. A health certificate which has been issued not more than 3 months before the date of the application must be submitted for persons aged 60 and over.

Why are there limits for duration of some products?

Usually expatriates stay abroad for a specific, limited period of time. For that reason, most of our insurance products are designed to meet this requirements. A limited time frame also enables us to offer better premiums. But for persons going abroad for an unlimited time, we have developed Expat RETIRED – which has no time limits at all.

Is it possible to transfer the insurance premium?

Yes. But please note that instalments cause additional costs: monthly 5%, quarterly 3%, and biannual 2% of your premium. Please contact us if you have further questions on this subject.

Why does BDAE charge extra for monthly, quarterly biannual instalments?

Instalments require a greater administrative effort, with the allocation of premiums. To cover these additional efforts, we are required to seek additional charges.

What are the terms of notice?

Our terms of notice are as follows:
•    Individual health insurance products (excluding EXPAT RETIRED): with the expiry of the month following on notice of termination being given
•    Corporate customers, health insurance products / unemployment insurance: with the expiry of the month on notice of termination being given
•    EXPAT RETIRED, liability insurance, accident insurance and legal expenses insurance: with the expiry of the insurance year on a three month notice
•    BDAE membership: with the expiry of the insurance year on a three month notice
•    BDAE-Membership with the expiry of the calendar year on a three month notice

Can I cancel my insurance immediately after returning into my country of origin?

Cancellations have to follow our terms of notice. Exception according to §205VVG: if you are compulsorily insured in Germany then you may cancel your insurance within 2 month notice retrospectively for 3 month. Therefore we just need to proof your compulsory insurance.

What is accepted as a proof of my stay abroad?

The following documents might be requested by us as a proof:
•    Passport
•    Flight ticket
•    Confirmation of visa

How often can I renew my insurance cover?

In the tariff EXPAT Private is an one-off extension for further 5 years possible with the consent of the insurance company. Please look for the terms of conditions in our other tariffs and contact us for questions..

What should I be aware of living in the U.S. and/or Canada?

Many of our products covering USA/Canada have a special deductible. Please check the terms and conditions of your product. In addition, the claims handling for USA/Canada is done by our service provider, Euro Care.

What are the general benefits comparable to – (private or statutory insurance?)

The table of benefits depend on the product you choose. But generally, they are all EXPAT-product private health insurance product.